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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cocktail Cupcakes

Cocktail cupcakes! What a discovery! And they are perfect mini-cakes for serving at a wedding shower or reception! After years of consuming plain cupcakes and finding some missing that 'something' I've discovered what it is! Alcohol! Not that nasty rubbing alcohol, but wonderful things like Kahlua, Bailey's, Rum, etc.

When you combine cupcakes with a cocktail all of a sudden you have a dessert that makes your taste buds go ZING! You'll find a variety of cupcake cocktails on the web, from some using Jamison's to cupcakes soaked with Kahlua or Bailey's. 

If you'd like a recipe for making your own Bailey's head to Signature Drinks For Your Wedding--it's easy to do and great to add to recipes.

For a recipe for Mudslide Cupcakes head over to Endless Summer.  But if you run searches you'll find recipes for Cosmo Cupcakes, Pina Colada Cupcakes, Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes, Mojito Cupcakes, the list is endless! Some of these recipes are posted at The Cupcake Club.  There's also a great recipe out there that makes great mini rum cakes.  Use a baby bundt pan for individual servings so you get 'cupcake size' with rum cake taste. Recipe for rum cakes here.  I originally found it in a Bacardi advertisement but it's the easiest rum cake recipe I've ever found. 

Get ready, get set and GO MAKE THOSE COCKTAIL CUPCAKES!  Let me know what your favorite recipe is and why.

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