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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miniature Wedding Cakes

Interested in making your own mini-wedding cakes? Chicago Metallic makes it easy with this easy to use mini-wedding wedding cake pan. This great pan is available on Amazon, but if you're thinking about making enough for all your wedding guests, I'd suggest purchasing more than one or you'll be baking for YEARS!

The pans come with recipes designed just for these pans.  Reviewers thought these were great cakes, and since they were designed just for use in these pans, unless you're planning a lot of trial and error you might want to use one of these. 

 Photo courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog

Use buttercream icing to easily ice your mini-cakes. Cover a mini cardboard circle or
square with desired color 6" foil. Place cake on foil. Place cake in freezer. When hardened, remove from your freezer and ice with a very thin layer of icing to seal
in the crumbs.  When icing the thin layer try stirring in a little bit of water into the buttercream
icing to thin. Let set room temperature, about 30 minutes.  The icing will form a crust.  Then ice over first coat with a softened buttercream icing.

Use an 8" spatula for smoothing icing.  Then use tips #1 or #0 for writing or string work.  Use tips #23 or #13 for borders and tip #101 for roses and flowers.  Cut a tiny V in the point of a parchment bag to make the leaves. 

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