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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wild Peacock Theme Wedding Cake

By Invitation Only shows off this wild peacock wedding cake! I've seen a lot of peacock theme cakes, but this one is over the top! How much is too much? Is this cake the wedding cake of your dreams? Or are you more traditional? Vote in the comment section!

Go Vintage For Cake and Flowers

Combine your cake design with the decor.  Wrap small vases in pink doilies and add a simple white rose.  The white rose echos the white flowers on top of the cake, the design that of the doilies. Love this look!

Peacock Theme Wedding Cakes

Are you a bride planning a wedding with a peacock theme? Looking for a cake? This cake inspiration board is sure to have some ideas to suit you. Look at my Hearts and Flowers blog for more peacock themes and WDW(Wedding Day Weekly).

Do you have a favorite from these cakes? Ideas of your own? Add the links in the comment section or contact me at

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cake Topper Preservation

Lately I've heard from several brides that they had a problem with their bakery breaking their cake topper during the delivery of their wedding cake and/or delivering their wedding cake late. 

Breakage seems to be a very common problem and obviously these toppers are fancy breakables that have special significance to the bride and groom so it's even more heartbreaking.  Some were given as a gift, others the bride and groom chose to match their theme or their personalities.  Depending on where you purchase your topper from you can try these ideas:

IF you are using a breakable topper you might want to be sure it gets to your venue via your day of coordinator or someone in your family you trust (or even give it to your venue coordinator).  These is still no guarantee it won't get broken but you have a little more control over it.  Your other option is to have a back up topper that you're OK with if your topper gets broken so you don't end up with a cheesy plastic bride and groom or have your florist make a floral topper that you can use in case of disaster. (You can also make one yourself using silk flowers)

Can you tell I'm big on back up planning?...Yes I'm that bride that gets wedding insurance with no one even twisting my arm! If you just MUST have a special topper that's not a special order get two of them so if something goes wrong you have a backup--expensive? Temporarily--but depending on the bride and groom worth it.  You can always return the extra after the wedding as long as it's not personlized.  Be sure to check the return policy of the store where you make the puchase about their return policy. Consider the height of your cake topper when you are choosing it.  A shorter topper is less likely to 'tilt' than a taller one.  But if you have your heart set on that tall china topper, having a back up is a good idea.

The other cake problem I've heard a lot about is the TIMING of the delivery of wedding cakes.  Get it in your contract that if it's not delivered on time, there's no cost to you.  Granted it isn't foolproof but I bet yours gets there first over anyone else's! Either that or be sure it is delivered prior to the day of your wedding so if there's a problem you have time to deal with it.  These cakes aren't being baked the morning of your wedding so it gives you time for the driver to get lost. 

I approach wedding potential problems the same way I did filing important documents at work--when I worked in an office with another person who was as poorly organized as I was--we had three copies, one to use, one to lose, and one to keep in our files.  See, I told you I was neurotic! But we ALWAYS had what we needed, when we needed it.  For a wedding day that's even more important. 

I know the one job I WOULD NOT want is wedding cake delivery person! The potential for disaster is too high! I'm afraid I'd dump cakes, get lost, and any number of other disasters...some jobs just aren't a good fit for some people.  So remember you delivery person CAN make mistakes and that Murphy's Law will apply on your wedding day just like every other day--

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How To Display Cakepops

Cake pops are always tricky to display. Some brides have found ingenious ways to display them for their guests so they are decorative as well as easy to access. These are displayed in an ice bucket filled with beans.  The beans can cover up a Styrofoam bottom while still providing a neutral color backdrop to show off the pretty pastel color of these pink cake pops.

Don't want to go with an ice bucket? Try any glass vase with a wide opening. Glass will need you to cover up the Styrofoam with flat leaves or another material of your choices. I've seen metallic lame used very effectively, but only at a wedding with a metallic look. You don't want to combine lame with a pale pastel wedding. 

You can also use clay flower pots painted white or in any coordinating color.

Make an easy sign to show off the flavor of the cake pop or the flavor of the icing using chalk board paint that you can pick up at your craft store or hardware store.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Textured Wedding Cake For The Modern Bride

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest

All you need is LOVE and this textured wedding cake. The copy of the LOVE sculpture from Philadelphia tops this simple cake with a unique design for the modern bride. If you live or are getting married in Philadelphia this cake topper is perfect.  Covered in textured fondant and made with any flavor and filling you like, this cake won't upstage the bride and groom but will accent their reception.

Found this on Pinterest, the only link is, so if anyone knows the real source or cake designer let me know. 

Twilight Cake? Black and White Your Thing? Here You Go!

This cake is perfect for a black and white theme wedding (or if you are doing a Twilight wedding).  Four tiers of multiple layers each, surrounded by black lace, topped with a red flower. If you are a DIYer you may be able to pull this off yourself, personally it's outside my skill set, I'd take it to the baker.  But you or one of your 'crafty' friends may be able to do this themselves.  Worse for me than making it, is trying to transport it without disaster! Let me know if you DIY, tell us all how you did it and how you transported it.  Photo courtesy of Wedding Bee.

Metallic Gold Wedding Cake

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest

Fall in love with this golden metallic wedding cake! I love the textures of each layer, not sure what it would taste like but I'm almost willing to give up great tasting icing for this glam look. Made by Sugar Couture and seen in This is definitely NOT a DIY wedding cake!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Wedding Cake That Catches Your Eye

This is Andrea and Mike's wedding cake by Sisters Baking Company is gorgeous and doesn't even need a cake topper.  Why add a bride and groom on top when your cake carries the day without anything added? Visit their website to see other great ideas for wedding cakes and some of the most creative cakes around.

I love the coral and white color scheme and the flowers and pearls are gorgeous! Sisters Baking sure knows how to pull off a stunning wedding cake!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Centerpiece Cakes

Trying to save $$ at your wedding reception? Why not combine centerpiece with your cake? Make these square cakes yourself and decorate them with your favorite flowers.  Look for edible flowers or make your own out of gum paste. 

Put one cake in the center of each table complete with a pretty knife for cutting and a serving implement and you have a combination centerpiece and wedding cake! For the bride and groom's table add the wedding cake topper to their centerpiece.  A perfect way to save some money at your wedding.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pink & Brown Wedding Cake

Are you planning a pink and brown wedding? If you are visit Martha Stewart Weddings to get the details on how to make these fantastic looking cakes.  Whether you are having a small wedding and just want the words "Love and Cherish" on your cake or if you're making a whole cake bar, this 'suite of sweets' as Martha's site puts it, made by Wendy Kromer shows calligraphy on the sides of your wedding cake with your favorite words from your wedding vows added to the side of your cake using plastic transfer sheets with tinted cocoa butter. Wow! Wendy really pulled this one off! Don't forget, for more details (as well as other great cakes) visit Martha's web site for lots of great wedding ideas.