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Monday, May 28, 2012

Metallic Gold Wedding Cake

A metallic gold wedding cake! I so love metallic cakes don't you? Who doesn't love gold? This is your cake! A golden quadruple layer wedding cake cinched with a pink flower and feather (and a rhinestone brooch!) The cake is golden fondant by Sweet Art Bakery, photo by Katie Cassidy Photography. It's wrapped in a chiffon and lace sash. The cake was designed by Emily Riggs Bridal. This cake is both romantic and beautiful, what bride could ask for more!

For more metallic look cakes with a variety of looks see: Metallic Gold Wedding Cake, or Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Extravagant and Elegant or Gold Embossed Wedding Cake or Dessert Gold.

Above: Silver Wedding Cake shown on Style Me Pretty

Finding the perfect wedding cake is never easy. There are just too many choices and too many cake toppers out there! How to choose? And what flavor?  You could put on ten pounds just taste testing them all!
I was at a tasting (yes, another one!) a few months ago at The Ballrooms of Boothwyn in Boothwyn PA run by Lia's Catering. One of the bakers there had a pumpkin flavored cake--totally to die for! If you are planning an autumn wedding it would be the perfect choice!

In general I prefer cakes without fondant icings but sometimes the designs just call for it and won't work using any other base. If I'm choosing a basic flavor I like pound cake with either raspberry or lemon filling in it. (I know, not too exciting, but I want cake guests will enjoy eating!)

Whether you like the gold, the silver or the bronze looks, there is sure to be a metallic wedding cake that is perfect for you.

But the metallic look shown is so... appealing! I want it. Look through the metallic choices and see if one if for you. Whatever your choice, take the time to look at the metallic cakes, and fall in love! Even if they just end up on your Pinterest board!

Light and Airy Petals On You Wedding Cake!

Source: via Tavin on Pinterest

This cake and it's layers of petals is light and airy. Shown on a white cake stand with an additional 'stand' with a chocolate brown edged cake plate that shows off the light and fragile petals. Not sure how well they hold up when you cut it but it will look great as it sits there waiting to be cut! (Or smashed into an unsuspecting groom's face!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Have Your Fallen In Love With ...

Have you fallen in love with these tiny cakes yet? It's not only the cakes that are breathtaking, it's the cake plates! DIY projects that only require a little cutting, pasting and a few boards and knobs to pull it all together.

These cakes are the perfect tiny pastels for your wedding day! Decorate them with tiny fondant flowers and some ribbons. You know you are in love with these. Now the trick is to find the time to make your own. The answer? Show the photo to your baker and let him/her take it away! While you lounge back in a jacuzzi and let all those worries about the wedding bubble away.

Now that's almost a better idea than the cakes are! So call the baker, send her the photo via email or fax, and turn off the phone and computer and turn on the jacuzzi...ah!!!!! Calgon, Take Me Away!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cake Balls To The Max

Photo courtesy of The Wedding Shoe Box and Ashleigh Jayne Photography

For cake ball lovers, here is an entire cake with still more cake balls added as decoration! What more could a cake ball addict want? This cake is done is pastel cake balls and then topped with some flowers.

If you haven't visited The Wedding Shoe Box and Ashleigh Jayne Photography be sure to take the time to browse their sites. I think I've found more blogs to love! If you never see another post from me, you'll find me reading other people's blogs!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cake With Bright Floral Designs

Source: via BRIDES on Pinterest

See the bright blooms reminiscent of the patterns you find on wedding dresses in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The colors are perfect for a summery wedding.

Cupcake Style!

Source: via BRIDES on Pinterest

Give your guests the choice of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes at your wedding.  Then add a gorgeous cake at the top to give it a beautiful finish.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lace and Cupcakes-A Marriage Made In Heaven

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Pretty in pink topped with great "I do" messages make these cupcakes look great. Of course if you are using them for a wedding shower, you'll need to change the message. 

But what really sets them off is the lace wrapper! What a fabulous idea! So if you're going feminine, why not serve your cupcakes in a lacy wrap to show off your pretty pastel cupcakes!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pretty in Purple (Lavendar And Lilac)

I am baker presents these pretty as can be cupcakes for your wedding or wedding shower. (Or any other occasion you can think of!) I love the colors!


Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

OK, I admit, the floral design is pretty, but please! The green pea color...reminds me of baby food! Yuck! What do you think? Am I just 'out of it?' Or do you prefer a different color icing?

I mean, I can handle the small edging in green, and even the stems, but the fondant? and the cupcake icing, sorry, not for me! Love to hear what you think though!

Cake On Ice?

Photo from Cricket's Chirp

Looking for an easy cake stand? Use these glass blocks by Eastern Glass Block, yes, the same ones used for buildings! They give you the look of large ice cubes.

This black and white cake surrounded by smaller cupcakes in black and white wraps with some red rose petals on top of the cake and surrounding it, is a visual delight. (Not to mention easy to make!)

I probably should have put this on my Do It Yourself Weddings blog, but here you go! You don't even have to click back and forth, it's right here for you.  Love the small black and white cake design surrounded by smaller cupcakes.

These Are Not Your Old Fashioned Cupcakes!

 (cupcakes by Olofson Cake Design, both can be seen on

Are you a bride who is in love with cupcakes? Looking for some inspiration? These cupcakes by Olofsun Cake Design can certainly provide that! Every tiny detail of these cupcakes are gorgeous! My personal favorites? The cameos and the ones at the bottom left with the white petals and silver dragees.

 (Just a heads up, if you're a bride in California, I've found several sites that say California law does not allow them to ship these into the state, so if you wonder why you can't find them in the stores, that might be why. The rest of us can take the chance of breaking our teeth on them all we want!)