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Monday, May 28, 2012

Metallic Gold Wedding Cake

A metallic gold wedding cake! I so love metallic cakes don't you? Who doesn't love gold? This is your cake! A golden quadruple layer wedding cake cinched with a pink flower and feather (and a rhinestone brooch!) The cake is golden fondant by Sweet Art Bakery, photo by Katie Cassidy Photography. It's wrapped in a chiffon and lace sash. The cake was designed by Emily Riggs Bridal. This cake is both romantic and beautiful, what bride could ask for more!

For more metallic look cakes with a variety of looks see: Metallic Gold Wedding Cake, or Gold Leaf Wedding Cake Extravagant and Elegant or Gold Embossed Wedding Cake or Dessert Gold.

Above: Silver Wedding Cake shown on Style Me Pretty

Finding the perfect wedding cake is never easy. There are just too many choices and too many cake toppers out there! How to choose? And what flavor?  You could put on ten pounds just taste testing them all!
I was at a tasting (yes, another one!) a few months ago at The Ballrooms of Boothwyn in Boothwyn PA run by Lia's Catering. One of the bakers there had a pumpkin flavored cake--totally to die for! If you are planning an autumn wedding it would be the perfect choice!

In general I prefer cakes without fondant icings but sometimes the designs just call for it and won't work using any other base. If I'm choosing a basic flavor I like pound cake with either raspberry or lemon filling in it. (I know, not too exciting, but I want cake guests will enjoy eating!)

Whether you like the gold, the silver or the bronze looks, there is sure to be a metallic wedding cake that is perfect for you.

But the metallic look shown is so... appealing! I want it. Look through the metallic choices and see if one if for you. Whatever your choice, take the time to look at the metallic cakes, and fall in love! Even if they just end up on your Pinterest board!

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