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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cute Cake Toppers

Top off your cake with the cutest cake toppers I've seen in awhile! These two cuties grace the top of this unusual cake.

Though I'm not sure I love the 'circles' on the cake, the bride and groom are to die for! Ok, I understand if you're not into 'cute,' but if you are, and want a bridal couple to grace the top of your cake who look like they're blissfully happy, choose these two.

Yes I'll call the "cuties" I just can't resist.  And it describes them so well! What do you think?

Does anyone know where to purchase them? If you do, let me know, happy to add the link. If you're the company who makes them I'll incorporate the link into the post. If you're the bridal couple and you have a web site, let me know if you'd like to linked to as well!

Let them eat cake!

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