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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Wedding Cake Flowers? Pros and Cons

Brides have come up with more and more ingenious ways to decorate their wedding cakes, but these paper flowers by the Etsy artisans Sunny and Stumpy.  They have been specially created to preserve their beauty and protect them from the icing.  Do not try to use plain paper flowers for cake decorating. The listing is for 20 flowers, but I'm sure you could contact the seller if you wanted more (or less), and wanted to place a special order.   

Sunny and Stumpy specialize in paper crafting, especially flowers, mostly ranunculus.  Colors and papers vary. 

If you plan to try to make these yourself using one of their templates, be sure to add something to protect the flowers from the icing.  This is a project that would necessitate intensive testing before your wedding day. 

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