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Friday, May 25, 2012

Have Your Fallen In Love With ...

Have you fallen in love with these tiny cakes yet? It's not only the cakes that are breathtaking, it's the cake plates! DIY projects that only require a little cutting, pasting and a few boards and knobs to pull it all together.

These cakes are the perfect tiny pastels for your wedding day! Decorate them with tiny fondant flowers and some ribbons. You know you are in love with these. Now the trick is to find the time to make your own. The answer? Show the photo to your baker and let him/her take it away! While you lounge back in a jacuzzi and let all those worries about the wedding bubble away.

Now that's almost a better idea than the cakes are! So call the baker, send her the photo via email or fax, and turn off the phone and computer and turn on the jacuzzi...ah!!!!! Calgon, Take Me Away!

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