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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Belgian Chocolate Rose Covered Wedding Cakes.

Belgian chocolate wedding cakes -- what more could you ask for. No more dry pound cakes for a wedding if you order your cake from Fancy Nancy located in the United Kingdom.  Fancy Nancy created this gorgeous cake for Wedding Magazine! It's chocolate cake (YUM!) with sorbet colored roses--perfect for a spring/summer wedding.  Love the color combinations and I admit to being partial to chocolate cake for a wedding cake (or for anything else for that matter!)  For more gorgeous cakes from Fancy Nancy visit their web site.

If you're looking for a fall version, try this Fancy Nancy cake.  Again, flower covered and three tiered--delicious!  This is a Belgian Chocolate Rose cake covered entirely in handmade Belgian chocolate roses that Fancy Nancy made for a party celebrating the launch of "Bride Ideas and Frock-Ups," a book that every bride should read whenever they start taking themselves too seriously, by Sim Canetty Clarke, Amanda Lockhart and Susannah Frieze. The book is filled with beautiful photographs and witty anecdotes, stories and jokes, a great read for anyone, particularly if you are a potential bride and/or groom or if you deal with them day in and day out and need to laugh. 

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  1. Rich Belgian Chocolate Cake - Light in texture, this cake is created with 70% dark chocolate and layered with a choice of buttercreams and conserves.