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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cupcake Cones and Other Things To Make You Lick Your Lips!

Martha Stewart Weddings offers brides this great idea on how to serve your cupcakes at your wedding.  Maybe your mom made a version of these for you when you had to take cupcakes to school for a class party, but this more sophisticated version is sure to please not only palates but the eye of all your guests.  Visit Martha's site for more ideas and the link on where to buy the cones.  Additional info on where she purchased sprinkles and nonpariels, as well as edible stars and hearts glitter.

Read more and get the recipe at Cupcake Ice Cream Cones. Martha even tells you where to buy something to hold the cones up on your sweet table! TY Martha!

Martha also provides a recipe for these ice cream cups made using a pizzele maker.  Love using new ways to serve the ice cream or sorbet at your wedding!  Recipe is here.

BTW, when you hit the page to purchase the mini-cones you'll find some great mini-phyllo shells in CHOCOLATE! OK, I know I can't be the only chocolate lover out there--has anyone ever used these? If you have I'd love to hear your ideas or if you'd like to guest post your experience using these just let me know. 

The web is a dangerous place for a chocolate lover--it gives me access to all sorts of chocolate I never knew existed before--past the lips... ah well, I know Weight Watchers would approve of these, if I only eat just one!  (which of course if the real trick for me with anything chocolate!)

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