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Sunday, July 10, 2011

California Brides--La Monarca Bakery Suggest Cake Bites For Your Wedding

Cake bites--are they taking the place of cupcakes at weddings and other special occasions?  Co-founder of La Monarca Bakery, Ricardo Cervantes thinks they will.  (Ricardo, I fell in love with just your name, add the cake bites and you have a customer for life!) He's so convinced he's serving them at his own upcoming wedding reception.  La Monarca offers them in a variety of different flavors including: fruit tarts, dark Mexican mocha cake, traditional puff pastry Napoleon, tres leches and caramel flan. They also offer less traditional wedding cakes like tiramisu and dulce de leche. So many sweets to choose from it is a hard decision, so don't waste time choosing, just serve your guests a selection from La Monarca.  Visit their web site at La Monarca Bakery where all the food is made from scratch--no mixes here, no preservatives, no lard, no artificial flavors--no wonder they taste so good!  The store was named after the Monarch butterfly--even it's boxes for it's goods are gorgeous.  La Monarca-a feast for your mouth and for your eyes!  Visit them soon if you are lucky enough to live in California near one of their stores!

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