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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Cupcakes Straight From Your Heart--And It Shows

This is a perfect cupcake for a wedding or wedding shower.  I know, it looks impossible to replicate.  Not sure I could do it in the numbers needed for a wedding, I lack the patience. But if  you're having a small wedding or am more than a so so cook (I admit, I'm not expert) this should be doable.  Just be sure you do some test runs first.  The recipe is here.  It has lots of tips to help your cupcakes show off the heart once they are cut in half.  The original recipe was posted on this site but it's down for now, but the comments are still posted, so again, it's worth reading before you start this project.  I suggest serving the cupcake precut in half to show off the heart, just be sure your caterer or servers know which way to cut the cupcakes, or you'll just have a cupcake with a pink center.  Happy baking!

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