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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Individual Wedding Cakes For Your Guests

Individual tiny cakes are all the rage but the price for them is OUTRAGEOUSLY high.  How can you beat the high cost of providing each of your guests with their own indivdual tiny wedding cake?  Try making them yourself.  The equivalent of making tiny petit fours but often stacked up like a wedding cake, these can be time and labor intensive.  But Allison Silber at Engaged and Inspired (who provided the photos above) has an answer for you.  Use a circular cake cutter, a sheet cake and get ready to stack the cakes with your favorite fillings between them.  The most labor intensive part of these baby cakes is decorating the sides.  Allison's solution? Leave the sides uniced.  Let the fillings provide some pretty coloring and top them with a swirl of icing topped with a berry.  BTW, don't forget to head over to Engaged and Inspired's site to see what other great ideas they have to help you plan your wedding day.  Congrats to Allison for a great way to save money on wedding cakes!

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