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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Renting Your Wedding Cake?

Pre-designed Cake

OK, I understand renting the church, renting the reception venue, renting a tuxedo, even maybe renting a wedding gown, but renting your CAKE?  I have to admit it had never occurred to me to rent a cake. I mean, you EAT it, right?

Pre-designed Cake

Wrong.  Well not totally wrong.  You eat PART of it.  Most couples only need a slice for the cake cutting photo and possibly an anniversary cake top to freeze until their first anniversary.  Enter!  They'll provide a great looking cake for minimal costs.  Fun Cakes don't just make a fake cake for your wedding they actually rent you a cake.  Cakes have Styrofoam bottoms that are iced and decorated and ready for your wedding.  Meanwhile a sheet cake in the kitchen is cut and served to your guests with some ice cream and fruit.  This saves you lots of money and your guests frankly don't care. 

More Fun Cakes

Better yet, Fun Cake Rental has rolled back their prices to help brides who have been hit by the recent recession.  Do you love them even more now?  You have your choice of a pre-designed cake or a custom cake.  A basic three tier cake is $125 plus shipping (4 tier $150), a custom design $225 plus shipping (each extra tier is $50).  All cakes require a $200 security deposit which is returned once they cake is received. 

Each layer is approximately 4" tall.  The overall height of a three tier cake is 12".  Cakes are delivered on a one inch plastic tray.  Height can be adjusted by discussing it with customer service when the order is placed. Each part Styrofoam cake is covered with fondant with gum paste decorations and due to it's sugar base cannot be exposed to direct heat or hot lights.

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