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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Marnier Flavored Wedding Cake

My mouth is watering just thinking about this wedding cake.  This recipe is for a wedding cake made with Grand Marnier flavored whipped cream and Grand Marnier flavored jam filling ....YUM! 

If you don't want to flavor your cake with this tasty liqueur consider serving it over some French Vanilla Ice Cream or over fresh fruit.  The uses for Grand Marnier at your wedding are limitless.  Talk to the chef at your venue for more ideas to incorporate the orange flavor of Grand Marnier into your wedding menu.  Use it to glaze chicken? Make salad dressings, the list just goes on and on.

If you just enjoy Grand Marnier at home, try this link for a recipe for DIY orange liqueur.  Have the fun of making it and then enjoy drinking it or cooking with it. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning A Holiday Wedding Next Year?

If you are planning a Christmas or New Year's wedding next year these cake pops are perfect for giving your guests a favor to savor.  These four different cake pops are Red Velvet (a southern cake favorite, but it's made it's way north), a German Chocolate Snowball (for lovers of coconut and pecans), a Peppermint Bark Bite and a Black And White decorated with red sugar. 
These cake pops are the creation of Tailored Sweets, an online dessert boutique offering the finest sugar shocks around! These holiday pops are featured on their January 2011 blog. Tailored Sweets offers their clientele a variety of  sweets, all of them closer to bite size than a regular cake. The owners are Sydney and Sarah and their favorite designs are cake pops and baby cakes.  Their baby cakes are described as bigger than a cupcake, so that will give you an idea of the sizes. 

Tailored Sweets is based in San Diego, California and they promise to make your next party or wedding chic and distinctive.  Download their menu from their web site to see all their delicious dessert options.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dessert Centerpiece--Cupcake Fondue

I've seen fondue with cheese and bread, with cheese and fruit, with meat or shrimp and hot oil, and even pound cake fondue for desserts, but a cupcake fondue was new to me until I came across it on Bake It Pretty's Blog(a creative blog that everyone should read!) Amanda posted a recipe from her guest blog stint on Pint Size Social. And I have to admit I love the concept! 

Whether you serve this fondue at a wedding shower or use it on a sweet table, or as a centerpiece for each table this cupcake fondue is a show stopper. 

The fondue itself is a basic icing (recipe) and you make some mini cupcakes perfectly sized for dipping.  Surround your fondue pot with little cups, each of which is filled with jimmies(or sprinkles depending on which part of the country you are from), coconut, some chopped nuts (I like almonds but walnuts would work too), or any other decorative topping you think would look pretty. 
Simply place the mini cupcake on the fork, dip in the icing, then add the decorative toppings to make a delicious dessert that is sweet and pretty! I was thinking I'd really like some with chopped candy bars to use as a topping--yum! Oh the calories!  OK, I admit it, I have a HUGE sweet tooth!

The final look (and taste) is pretty and I love interactive food! And you have to admit, this is so much better than chips and dip if you're thinking interactive food!  Cupcakes with fondue icing dip with candy or nuts on top...what more could you ask for?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wedding or Shower Cupcakes With Style

As I was reading OPB (other peoples' blogs) something I am guilty of doing way too often instead of working on my own, I found these beautiful cupcakes on MODWedding Blog. Of course then I ended up spending time reading more than just one post! If you're looking for some great cupcakes for your wedding or shower, these designs by Nicki's Cakes will enhance your event and give it that extra sense of style.  More of Nicki's designs are highlighted on the MODWedding Blog and on her own site.

For more inspirations for your wedding planning spend some time on MODWedding Blog, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Your Mother's Wedding Cake! Cakes Sporting Tattoos

Photo courtesy of  Shadee Gray

If you're an unconventional bride and groom and want a cake to match your personalities consider a wedding cake that sports your tattoos.  These are you either love them or you hate them cakes!  But they are definitely not your mother's wedding cakes!  To view more cakes with tattoo designs head over to this blog

Photos of Tribal Art Cake  from La Bella Torta's website

Tribal Art Cake From:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tempting Cake -- Fall In Love With Food For Your Wedding

Tempting Cake is a luxury cake company born out of twin passions for baking and fine design. When I visited their web site, Tempting Cake I fell in love with just the photos of their cakes, if they'd put one in front of me I would have fallen in love.  To see more of their incredible products and to find contact info for Emily Smith, to order some of these delectable confections for your wedding or shower visit Tempting Cake's web site. 

Tempting Cake has quickly built a reputation for creating beautiful, designer tiered wedding cakes, Tempting table dessert tables, cupcakes and hand iced cookies for discerning brides in London and surrounding counties.  Now all I have to do is entice them into opening a store in the United States!

Tempting Cake also has a track record for producing top quality, high end designer creations for corporate clients such as ITV and BBC TV stations, London Fashion Week, Britain’s Next Top Model, House of Fraser department store and Aveda to name but a few.  So if you are a Brit bride use Tempting Cake for all your sweet table needs.