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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Succulents Are Everywhere!

Not only will you find succulents in bouquets, boutennieres and centerpieces and wedding favors but now they are being used to decorate cakes.  These simple cakes with the addition of succulents take the cake from ho hum to WOW!  Keep your eyes open for other cakes decorated with succulents.  But what makes these succulents so incredible is they are made from fondant! Could you tell? I sure couldn't! Erica O'Brien deserves major kudos for her artistry on these cakes! Anyone with any other ideas on how to use succulents please post them!

Cake by Erica O'Brien Shown on Greer Loves; Photography by Hazelnut Photography

Cake by Erica O'Brian; Photography by: This Modern Romance

Same credits as cake above it.

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