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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cake Pop Pots

OK, you've made these killer cake pops (well not literally killer I hope, just visually) and now you have to find a way to display them for your guests.  These cake pop pots made by Stef at It's All In My Head not only show off your cake pops but are an efficient and pretty way to serve them on a sweet table. 
Take note of how she used the mini cupcake wraps to set off each pop as though they were flower petals, what a great idea!  If you look closely at the cupcake papers she used you'll see the pastel pattern in them.  See her other great ideas as well as step-by-step directions of how she filled the bottom of the pots so the pops would stay upright.  What a creative lady!  She said the pots came from Michael's Crafts but if you can't find them there I'm sure you could make you own with a little paint on some regular flower pots from your local Home Depot or Lowe's.  While these marginally qualify as DIY projects, they are so simple that you could also use them as a project for kids to make for Grandma for her birthday! 

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