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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potito's Bakery--South Philly's Finest

If you live in Philly and you've got a craving for a couple cannoli or other Italian bakery specialties, there's only one logical destination: Potito's Italian American Pastries. Winner of the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards for best cannoli and more, you can't not love this sugar haven. has a half price offer this week. Potitio's Italian American Pastries is located at 1614 West Ritner St., Philadelphia, PA 19145
(215-334-2996) not too far to take a short road trip for some goodies!

Buy some cupcakes or other mouth is watering as I write this! (Video from You Tube via You have to experience their chocolate dipped cannoli--yum! My personal favorites! So head down to South Philly and find some bakery goodies (yeah I know you're on a diet for the wedding, but you can eat JUST ONE and consider it research for your wedding sweet table! See I've given you a good REASON (see reason NOT excuse) to let yourself have one! See you there!

Photo by Mark Louis Photography
Potito’s Bakery is also pleased to announce that they are now specializing in wedding cakes and custom cakes. Potito’s Bakery has contracted two of the finest wedding cake decorators in the city. Their designs range from traditional to ultra modern.

All wedding cake inquires and orders are handled personally by one of the owners. Free in person consultations are also provided. Wow! Another reason for a trip to South Philly! Go today, eat the cannoli tonight!


  1. Interesting that this blog was written on June 7th. My wedding was on June 4th and we ordered our wedding cake from Potito's, in fact, we didn't even look or call anywhere else. We didn't care was the price was, we loved Potito's. Well, a word of warning, if you want your cake deliveried on time and you do not want your caketopper destroyed, DO NOT have Potito's for your wedding cake.

    Our cake arrived as the guest were arriving, it was deliveried an hour and a half late. The delivery guys rushed displaying our cake and placing our cake topper (which was a gift that went along with our theme) it fell and shattered. They replaced it with an embarassing plastic toy looking thing. It just looks great in pictures:( To top it off, Potito's did not even bother to inform us of this "accident" We have called 6 times so far, and no one will call us back!

    It saddens me to have to write this about our favorite bakery, but it was our wedding cake, the only one I will ever have! This could have been handled alot differently.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience--if you'd like to at least have your photos with the topper go to and read about "FixSuckyPics"--possibly the bakery might even be willing to pay for it. I can imagine how sad you were--regretfully this is not the first time I've heard about this problem from brides (different bakeries involved). For anyone reading this, you might want to give your topper to your day of coordinator so they can add it to your cake, they're not delivering a tricky cake so maybe less chance for breakage. Just a thought.