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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sedum Blossum Cake Stand

This Sedum Blossom Cake Pedestal is for the bride who prizes adding items with symbolic meaning to her wedding day.  Sedum blossoms are known for being able to live through any kind of weather so are a perfect symbol for a long and happy marriage. 

This cake stand is one of those things you buy for your wedding that is destined to become a family heirloom.  Many other stands are also available to suit every bride and groom. Click on link above to shop!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'd love to work with you! sedum Blossum cake stand

    Cake Stands

  2. Those are sempervivum, not sedum. I love them, but they're not sedum. It's a different family but a common mistake.