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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strawberries with Amaretto and Crushed Meringues--Easy, Fast, Perfect!

Another simple strawberry dessert that's ready in just minutes! It is derived from a Swedish recipe leaflet, Arla Köket (2/2001, Jordgubbar på italienska).

Cut strawberries into small cubes, sprinkle with some sugar (optional) and divide between serving glasses. Whisk some whipping cream until soft peaks form, then season with a splash (or two) of Amaretto.(Yum! My favorite part!) Spoon over strawberries. Finally, crumble some meringues and sprinkle on top of cream.
You'll love the contrast of textures and flavors and the presentation will knock the socks off your guests! (now there's a picture worth a thousand words!) Head over to this blog for more great ideas for food that's just a little different than the usual fare your guests expect in the United States.

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