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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cupcake Topiary Tree

Photograph courtesy of Food Network Magazine/Taken by Tara Donne

Considering using cupcakes in lieu of cake at your wedding? Why not have them do double duty as decorations as well? This Cupcake Topiary Tree was featured in Food Network Magazine in their May 2010 issue.

To make your Cupcake Topiary Tree you'll need:

1 Terracotta pot

Floral Foam

12 inch floral foam ball

12 inch dowel

Brown Paint

Pink Paint

24 Mini cupcake liners

Straight Pins



Fill the terracotta pot with floral foam, and insert a 12 inch dowel or thick stick in foam. If you're using a dowel you'll need to paint it brown before placing it. Paint a 12 inch floral foam ball pink and let dry. This can take an hour, be sure it's all the way dry. Push the ball down onto the dowel that's already been anchored into the pot. Using straight pins and cupcake papers to plot your cupcake design, then place real cupcakes in each spot removing the pins and papers used for plotting as you go. Attach cupcakes using 3 toothpicks poked halfway into the bottom of each cupcake and press them into the ball.



  1. I used this for my gf's shower, it was really easy and cute.

  2. I've done them for parties before, it's easy but a nice accent!

  3. I'd have to try it out first to be sure it worked, wouldn't want to plan on it for a shower and have me screw it up! Something I capable of even with EASY stuff! LOL