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Monday, February 28, 2011

SugarVeil to Decorate Your Cake

SugarVeil®  icing to decorate your wedding cake

SugarVeil® Icing is a dry confectionery preparation with an assortment of usages on desserts for your wedding.  One of it's primary uses is to make decorative icing.  It has the flexibility and stretch of buttercream icings without the fat! Also giving you the bright white and fine detail of royal icing (without the too too sweet taste.)  Go to their web site for more information on this interesting product that can make decorating your wedding desserts easy with gorgeous results.
Sugarveil lace matting

Espresso Cake with Double Chocolate Icing

Looking for a perfect chocolate wedding cake? This masterful design is milk chocolate fondant covered with dark chocolate designs.  The cake is a dark chocolate espesso cake! Yum! It's almost too pretty to cut though!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Tables -- Gorgeous and Oh So Good!

Simply Sweet in Utah designs sweet tables for a variety of events, each one takes your breath away.  The pink table above was not for a wedding but could easily be adapted for your event.  Use your sweet table as part of your wedding decor. 

This peacock colored wedding was also designed by Simply Sweet.  My faves are the White Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats on a stick at the far right that were designed with the groom in mind.  If you are lucky enough to reside in Utah give Simply Sweet a call.  Otherwise visit their web site for inspiration for designing your own sweet tables.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Your Mother's Wedding Cake!

Photo and cake design courtesy of: Sweet Melissa Patisserie

Looking for a simple but oh so chic wedding cake? This cake with an oversized flower a the top is a easy to make wedding cake with moderate extra design work for the stem, leaves and flower.  Oh so pretty but definitely not your mother's wedding cake.  Cake design by Sweet Melissa Patisserie.

Peach Champagne Wedding Cake

Beautiful Wedding Cake courtesy of: Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes.

While browsing wedding cakes I came across this beauty! Peach or cantaloupe in color,  iced with fondant with dots of royal icing and sugar dough orchids this cake is a real beauty from Confetti Cakes.  You could use real orchids instead of sugar dough flowers. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hot Cupcake Poppers from Betty Crocker - Easy and DIY Dessert Table Sweets

Photo from Moogie and Pap's blog at

Recipe from Betty Crocker Trends web site

Looking for a dessert table item that pops? (Do you suppose that's why they call them poppers?) Betty Crocker Trends at gives you an easy recipe to make these pretty poppers from their white cake mix (obviously you add some food coloring). They also offer a recipe for a marshmallow cream frosting for the centers. The recipe makes 60 mini-cupcakes for your dessert table.

Individual Desserts Cool and Refresh Your Guests

Photo courtesy of:

Looking for a cool but easy dessert for a picnic wedding (or any other wedding for that matter), consider these individual dessert glasses filled with strawberry shortcake and whipped cream. Fresh strawberries and sponge cake are a refreshing change from heavy wedding cake, and your guests are sure to enjoy it. You don't have to just serve one type of singe serve dessert, you can have a dessert table that offers your guests a wide array of desserts and sweets.

White Chocoloate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Icing

All Photos courtesy of The Cilantropist at

Are you salivating yet?  There are two kinds of people in the world, those of us who love white chocolate and the ones who well, those other people! This cake is for the former.  I posted this recipe for brides who are either making their own cakes or have someone making them for them or for anyone throwing a pre-wedding party. This is a perfect cake to use the multilayer cake stands if you want to make your own cakes and not involve the bakery.  The slivered almonds on the outside hide any icing deficiencies you may have and the filling for this cake is indescribable!  The filling is part apricot part peaches so for brides having a summer wedding this is a great cake choice. 

All Photos courtesy of The Cilantropist at

To find the recipe for this cake go to where The Cilantropist gives you her version of this cake which is adapted from one in Bon Appetit, June 2003 via Epicurious.  The Cilantropist  also gives you great icing tips so your cake will look as great as these pics! So head on over to her blog to grab the recipe (guarantee you'll spend another hour at least perusing all her other posts! This is one yummy blog!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Planning a Wedding Breakfast?

Photo credits and info courtesy of:

Planning a wedding breakfast reception? Or looking for something to serve your guests before they leave your evening reception?  Try these pretty doughnuts. 

I never make doughnuts because I don't want to have to deal with frying them but this easy mix from Sur La Table's web site is baked not fried.  They also sell the pan you need to bake them in.  There is also a recipe for these tiny bites of heaven at  Another option for the mini doughnut pan is one currently sold by Avon available by mail from or by contacting your favorite Avon rep. 

The doughnuts come in a variety of flavors so taste test them all (or make your fiance a very happy man and force him to taste test them (sure wouldn't take much force to get the man in my life to taste test doughnuts!).  Add some pretty glaze and some custom colored sprinkles for a gourmet look.  These tiny delights are only about an inch and a half wide so you'll need to make plenty for a crowd. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dazzling Cupcakes

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the folks at Bedazzle My Bonbons sent me an email with these photos that one of their creative clients had taken of cupcakes that she had designed using their bonbons.

Mishellle from Mishelle Handy Cakes in Oklahoma City purchased her liners from Wilton products at her local craft store and added faux stones and gems to add some more bling to the cupcakes. She turned boring cupcakes into a bedazzled and delicious dessert. For brides who love bling these cupcakes will match you personality to a T!

Choose the way you would like to display these at your wedding either individual or cupcake stands will give you a centerpiece that shines!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Classic Cake Perfect for High Tea/Dessert Table

Photo and design courtesy of:

Australian blogger, event planner and creative genius (yes Tracey you are!) Tracey Lau posted this gorgeous French blue and brown cake as part of her 40th birthday High Tea and Dessert Table.  Visit Tracey's blog to see more of her wonderful inspired posts and photos some of which would translate easily to your wedding.  This cake is perfect centerpiece for your dessert table or simply as your wedding cake.  Small but striking, it makes a statement that you are a classic bride with a real sense of style.  Enjoy Tracey's web site and her insights into life and living. 

Heavenly Cake To Serve at Your Wedding

This photo and recipe for individual angel food cake from

Want to try Angel Food Cake served in individual cups by Kraft (4 oz Kraft ripple cups and demi-tasse wooden spoons) to serve instead of customary wedding cake? Perfect for a wedding buffet! Low cal for brides who care, pretty and unusual for brides looking for the unique.

This photo courtesy of

Serve as the Cooking Channel does with Dolche de Leche and berries next to the cake or like Think Garnish does with cocoa sprinkles. Or choose your garnish of choice. Mix and match garnish for increased visual appeal. Think Garnish and The Cooking Channel both note to only fill the containers half way because the cake almost double in size.

This photo courtesy of

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cupcake Kit From Wedding Fads -- Easy DIY Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of:

This English garden cupcke kit comes complete with 48 gumpaste roses and a large cupcake stand (silver stand can be rented or purchased seperately.  Kit cost: $169.95 at  Depending on the size of your wedding you may need more than one kit.  Just bake your cupcakes as usual (thank you Duncan Hines) and ice.  Top with the gumpaste roses.  If you already have a stand just purchase the roses seperately.  Please remember, gumpaste flowers are NOT edible but are considered food products, therefore this vendor will not accept returns.