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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Icing Basics

Choosing icing for your wedding cake may be a simple for you as deciding which flavor you like best, or it can be as complex as taking into account the temperature of the day of your wedding or the complex designs that require a specific icing.

There are basically two types of icings.  Buttercream and Fondant.  Buttercream icing is used inside cakes, to decorate and to coat a cake so it doesn't crumb.  It's basic components are 10X (Confectioner's) Sugar and butter as well as flavor like vanilla.  Fondant is the second type of icing. It is almost a icing dough.  You can roll it out and cut it into designs for your cake.  You can drape it over a cake to make the finish completely flawless.  Both can be used for your cake, although Fondant works best if you are having an outdoor wedding where it will be hot,since it will hold up better to heat.  You can also use Ganache, Marzipan, Royal Icing, or Fudge Icings but Buttercream and Fondant are the two primary frostings. 

Both Buttercream and Fondant can make beautifully decorated cakes however fondant is usually more expensive since it is usually used to make very intricate designs that take longer.  The cost of the cake will represent the time it takes to design and make your custom cake so fondants, gumpaste and marzipan will push your costs up unless you are making the cake yourself.  A good idea to cut costs is to combine Buttercream and Fondant, so you get the look of Fondant without the hours of labor involved in a cake that is all Fondant. 

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